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Futaba 6EX PCM


-The perfect set for anyone entering the hobby of radio control helicopter flying, features include a large 100 character LCD screen, six model memory with 4 character model name, PCM and PPM operation, dual rate and exponential on cyclic controls, 5 point mixing curves etc,
-Futaba didn't stop there however, continuing to develop the software to make setting up your helicopter a quick and easy operation, with powerful but simple to understand programming.
Being more accurate than a conventional radio, this software, with its clear liquid crystal display makes the cutting edge 6EXH radio the perfect sport system.

Product Details

-Digital trims
-Six model memory
-Servo reversing
-Dual rates Exponential
-End point adjustment
-Model select/data reset Programmed
-Pitch/rudder mix
-CCPM mix
-Gyro mix
-Failsafe PCM/PPM operation
-Throttle cut button 5 Point curves
-Throttle curve/idle up , (2 curves)
-Throttle hold,Pitch curve (2 curves) Hover pitch (2 curves)

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