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Gun radio


1. Reliable performance and anti-jamming features: For more other radio, need to turn on the transmitter first, and then turn on receiver; when finish first need to turn off receiver and then turn off transmitter to avoid any error control caused by receive inner noise or outer signal interference. Now when using the HY2010 series no worry about this at all, because the attached receiver is designed with more signal checkout function. Now with this function, even only turn on receiver and no transmitter working to match it, no error action will be caused. So you can keep the receiver on all the time waiting for your operation and no need to repeat the action to turn on / turn off it each time.
2. Multifunction features: AM /FM switch function (for T2010C), this will make you realize the idea to use only one transmitter to work with both AM / FM receiver, for your more selection.
3. One transmitter for more car use: Only need one transmitter, you can race more model cars and no need to bring one special transmitter for each car. And this function will make it easier for many racers to play together.
4. New function for R/C signal intensity indication.
5. 3 channel gun form transmitter can offer extra R/C action.

В наличии:

T2010A: AM R/C System
T2010B: FM R/C System
T2010C: AM/FM R/C System


55 US$
65 US$

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